Råbocka and Havsbaden


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Råbocka and Havsbaden

Sandy beach with shallow waters with sandbanks. On the beach there is a dune landscape, which towards land changes into beach heath and woods. Lovely hollows behind the dunes - perfect for sunbathing. Toilets, shower, barbecue place, restaurants, camping site. At Klitterhus there is a long bathing jetty with a handicap ramp. Beach guards.

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A paradise for active people, Ängelholm's coastline, forests and country roads are all made for hiking or riding your bike along them. Go on a day trip or stay overnight - you can find out about our different package deals and buy a map at the Tourist Centre. One popular bike route is 16 km long Lergöksrundan, which passes through the city and forest and follows the coast. Scenic hiking trails On the Hallandsåsen ridge, above the Västersjön lake, several hiking trails will take you through unspoilt countryside and past historical remains. Why not pack something to cook over an open fire along the way? Skåneleden, a system of hiking trails all over Skåne, also passes through Ängelholm. The Ängelholm – Vejbystrand leg of the hike is accompanied by sandy dunes, rocky stretches of coast and small marinas. A campsite with a permanent shelter can be found north of Vejbystrand. Relaxing swimming in the sea or in a cool lake Towards the end of the 19th century, Ängelholm became a famous spa and bath resort. Along the vast beach, there is plenty of room for everyone to find their favourite spot. Ängelholms Havsbad in the innermost part of the Skälderviken bay is a six km long beach suitable for swimming, with a unique landscape of tall sand dunes. In Sibirien, dogs and horses are allowed in the water. Dogs are also allowed on the smaller beach north of the harbour inlet. One stretch of the beach has been set aside for naturists. The popular village of Skälderviken has a small marina with a pub and a marine store. Vejbystrand and Magnarp have their own small harbours. Västersjön is a nice lake for swimming, particularly at Ugglehult, where you will find jetties and a rowing boat for wheelchair users. Exciting canoeing Enjoy an unforgettable visit to the river Rönne. Bring along your family or friends on an exciting canoeing trip along the river which runs through Ängelholm and enters the sea in Skälderviken. Set your own pace. Should you wish to camp along the way, there is a great campsite with a shelter, public toilet and freshwater at Höja. An angler’s paradise Ängelholm is a haven for fishing enthusiasts. The river Rönne is one of four rivers in Skåne with salmon, but perch, roach, pike and sea trout will also bite. The river Vege å and the Västersjön lake are also popular with anglers. You will need a fishing permit.