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Ängelholms Aviation museum

Supersonic aircraft,trainer,aircraft from the Second World War. Authentic surroundings connected to aviation, pilot equipment. Flight simulator for the visitors. Cafeteria and a shop with articles connected to aviation. The museum is the biggest aviation museum in the region and exhibits the history of the Scania wing (Skånska flygflottiljen) activities from 1940 until the wing was closed down 2002. The museum is a many-sided museum. There are aircraft, aero engines, pilot equipment, a radar central in a “rock shelter” and a number of authentic surroundings connected to aviation. Our visitors can test a J 35 Dragon (J 35 Draken) cockpit. Our shop has a large number of model planes in the shape of construction kits together with toys, aviation literature and clothes and a small café. By means of an instructor have the visitors the possibility to fly, among others, the fighter J 35 Dragon and sports plane Cessna in the flight simulator.

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