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The most exciting attraction, Camera obscura can be foung on the top of the tower. You are prectically in the middle of a giant camera where the living picture of the town is projected on a table with a system of lenses and mirrors. This "Dark room" in Eger is unique universally, since it is the oldest working equipment of this kind on the continent! Visit it in sunny weather if you can, since the quality of the picture is the best at that time, in cloudy weather the quality is a bit worse and in rainy weather there is no picture, as the camera cannot work. The room was created even originally to make fun; an old legend in Eger says that jealous men in the past could control their wives walking in the town. So it was not worth braking faith any time and anywhere, especially in Eger...

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People say Eger is "a small jewelery box". The castle of Eger is a national memorial site and a half-day program itself, but there are other museums, churches, Turkish memorial constructions that are waiting for you.