Barabás Restaurant


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Barabás Restaurant

Tradition and innovation and simultaneously at home in this versatile restaurant located in the heart of the city. They aim to preserve the traditional flavours of Hungarian cuisine, popularize the excellent Hungarian wines, offer high-quality service to discerning guests, and are always open to new ideas as well. The restaurant accommodates 90 people, and thanks to its separate rooms, it is also an ideal location for business lunches, dinners and family events.


A visit to a new destination is invariably seasoned to perfection with local culinary delights. Your Hungarian gastro-adventure may start with just some choice morsels of a sample menu, but you will never forget our cuisine’s unique medley of spices, flavours, and aromas. Good and hearty fare is always unmistakably unique here, no matter if it is served from traditional sooty stew pots, the more exquisite crockery of fine-dining restaurants, or picked up at the stalls of various culinary events.