The Ruin Bar (Roncsbár)


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The Ruin Bar (Roncsbár)

The Ruin Bar opened in the pedestrianized part of Csapó Street in the spring of 2012, and has since become a favourite hangout for young people in Debrecen. The bar, which was created with a special design in mind, has the ambience of an intimate café during the day, and turns into a festival-like venue with grilled food, a vibrant terrace in the courtyard, and great club music.

Bars & Nightlife

Those out for parties will not have any difficulty in Debrecen. There are a number of bars and clubs both in the city centre and around the university campus. All elements of having a blast of a time are given: trendy environments, a diversity of the available food and drink options, live music and star performers, and of course, a fantastic atmosphere.