Poolside Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Cook Islands

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Poolside Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

In an authentic tropical environment you will find Poolside Restaurant & Cocktail Bar: this is undoubtedly the perfect place to visit to relax and forget about the stressful everyday-life. Just come here, grab a drink and enjoy the spectacular nature around you.

Bars & Nightlife

A highlight of the Cook Islands is sipping cocktails at a bar fronting the west as the sun slowly slips below the horizon -- there is truly no better way to say farewell to a very special day in paradise. The later nightlife of the Cook Islands is steadily growing with Friday night remaining the main night out for both tourists and locals alike. Most bars on Rarotonga remain open till 2am. Do not expect the same late night on Saturday as the Cook Islanders are a Christian community and usually close all drinking establishments on the stroke of midnight. Furthermore, many of the resorts have their own bars and restaurants at which non-guests are welcome.