Preah Khan

Siem Reap

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Preah Khan

One of the greatest treasures of Cambodia is Preah Kahn. It was build by King Indravarman I and has a mysterious and untouched aura. There are many gigant trees growing in and around the temple structures. Tour guides make the visit even more special as they can give insights into the details and history of the site.

Do & See

Even if Siem Reap isn't a big city with a lot to offer. Be inspired by the Apsara dancing, Khmer traditional art and the ancient temples surrounded by ancient trees in an eloquent collaboration between art and nature. Transportation is readily available so feel free to visit whatever is on offer, as nothing is too far or too hard to access. The entrance to the Angkorian temple complex is just a simple drive away on a road magnificently lined with ancient trees.