Glacis Beisl


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Glacis Beisl

The Glacis ‘Bistro’ is tucked away off the beaten track in the Museums Quartier. Classics from Viennese cuisine and local wines are on the menu here. Enjoy your meal under the scenic trees in the traditional courtyard outside.


The Austrian capital has a rich choice of great restaurants: from gourmet dining establishments perfect before (or after) a night at the opera to down-to-earth local eateries. First time visitors simply must try a hearty Kaisersemmel, traditional Viennese bread, or a Kaiserschmarrn, Austrian chopped pancakes dusted with powdered sugar. Vienna is the only metropolis in the world that grows a significant enough amount of wine within city limits, so prepare to find plenty of good local wines to match your Viennese dinners. The most popular time for dinner in Vienna is around 7 or 8 pm, so if that's when you plan to sit down for your dinner meal — book a table in advance.