Wien Museum


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Wien Museum

As of 2019, Wien Museum is closed for fundamental renovation work. Until the building in Karlsplatz reopens, all exhibitions will be held in at Wien Museum MUSA at Felderstraße 6-8. This museum presents Vienna’s 2000-year history, from the Imperium Romanum to the residence of the Dukes of Babenberg and the 640 years of Habsburg rule to the present days. The history of the construction of St. Stephen's Cathedral, detailed city views and furniture from the Biedermeier era as well as magnificent paintings from artists such as Makart, Klimt and Schiele are on display to illustrate Vienna’s cultural heritage. The Wien Museum also has an exceptional Klimt collection that includes the world’s largest collection of his drawings, comprising absolute masterpieces, sketches and preliminary outlines dating from all stages of his creative life.

Do & See

Vienna has over 100 museums and countless examples of great architecture seamlessly combining old and new designs. When you've got enough sightseeing for the day, rest in one of the 280 parks and gardens scattered around the city.