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Sweden’s seventh largest city is also one of the country’s oldest. Welcome to Västerås! You’ll find activities and events for the entire family to enjoy here as well as a rich cultural life, a vibrant night life, a boiling sea life and an exciting history. You can spend the night under water or among the treetops, visit a Guide Michelin award winning cathedral and Sweden’s largest burial mound Anundshög — there really is something for everyone in Västerås!

The City

If you’re looking for an experience that is out of the ordinary then Sweden’s sixth largest city is the place to come. In Västerås you can spend the night under water or among the treetops, alternate good shopping with fun events and explore Lake Mälaren - there is something for everyone in Västerås. Visit Västerås Cathedral, which has been awarded 3 stars by the Guide Michelin. King Erik XIV is buried here, who, according to hearsay, was poisoned by his brothers putting arsenic in his pea soup, Don’t miss Anundshög, Sweden’s largest burial ground with its rune stones and stone ships. Take a trip back in time and visit Vallby Open Air Museum, with buildings and an animal and plant life from the early 1900s. Västerås is truly an entrepreneurial city and the birthplace of ASEA (now ABB), the clothing giant H & M and the leading retail company ICA. The city was also Nobel Prize Winner Tomas Tranströmer’s home town for 30 years and several of his haiku poems have been sandblasted onto paving stones and placed in and around the city centre. Västerås Cityfestival is a hugely popular event. For a few days every summer, the city is filled with far more people and life than usual, all getting ready to meet Sweden’s biggest performers. The city offers a vast array of cultural life, entertainment and activities and has something for everyone, whether you are looking to do some great shopping, visit interesting museums, have fun with your kids or go out on the town. The sky is truly the limit here in Västerås!

Lake Life

With its situation on the shore of Lake Mälaren, Västerås has so much to offer water lovers. The Västerås archipelago has an abundance of natural harbours to moor up at and islands to discover. During the summer months, the ferry companies offer regular daily services to the islands and day trips that include the locks on the Hjälmare Canal and the Viking town of Birka. Östra Holmen is popular among sun worshippers while visitors to Elba can enjoy a bite to eat and a fantastic view of the city. And don’t forget all the wonderful mainland beaches either!


Thousands of events of all sizes are held in Västerås each year and every one of them is an important feature in what the city has to offer its inhabitants and visitors. Some of these events return every year and have helped put Västerås on the map. What about Västerås City Festival where many of Sweden’s top singers perform? Here are a selection of some of our larger events, please contact Västerås Tourist Center for information about the daily events.


Do & See

Västerås is a city rich in history, culture and entertainment. There is Anundshög, the burial mound, that dates back to the 900s. Västerås Cathedral, whose oldest parts are from the 13th century, a popular modern concert hall, interesting museums and plenty of fun activities. Engsö, Tidö and Västerås Castles, Vallby Open Air Museum and Kyrkbacken are some of the obvious attractions, as well as Lake Mälaren with its rich boat life. The list is very long and there really is something for everyone here in Västerås.


Västerås has restaurants for all tastes. You can dine out high up in the skyscraper and admire the spectacular views of the city, enjoy a meal in the harbour with pretty vistas of the lake or have a bite to eat in the main square and do a spot of people watching. The restaurants in Västerås all have a high standard and some even have White Guide Awards. With such a huge selection of restaurants to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something that suits you and your taste buds!


Bars & Nightlife


If you’re in the mood for a spending spree, then Västerås is the place for you! The city centre is bursting with international chains, small independent shops and wonderful indoor shopping centres. Outside the city centre, you will find the thriving retail park Erikslund with new shops constantly springing up. So come to Västerås and shop ’til you drop!

Tourist Information

Västerås offers excellent rail connections between the central station and surrounding towns. With its fantastic location on Lake Mälaren, you are always close to the water and boat services.